Engage Students in Vocabulary Across All Languages with 360/VR Interactive Images

We are extremely pleased to share the first round of interactive 360/VR vocabulary lessons created by amazing educators participating in the ThingLink Summer VR Challenge. These 360/VR pioneers have created highly engaging lessons filled with annotations that guide the learning and provide students with flexible learning paths to ensure success for all learners. They offer opportunities to collect data to personalize instruction and they model good digital citizenship through the use of proper source crediting of images licensed for reuse.

Click on any of the lessons on this interactive image poster to explore it. Remember to select full-screen mode in the upper right corner for the best viewing experience.

Create Your Own 360/VR Vocabulary Lesson

These lessons were created for Activity 2: Vocabulary Across All Languages. You can access the full set of directions on the ThingLink Blog for Education. If you are already a pro at using ThingLink 360/VR, you can take a shortcut and review important criteria for completion by clicking on the Teacher Challenge InBox.

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