Glogs: A SlideShow of Samples

We have created several glogs as samples for teachers and can think of many more to create. These launchers are easily accessible tools to guide and differentiate student learning in a variety of ways. They are visual, fun to create and extremely versatile.
Glogster's education section allows glogs to be private.

Google Presentation was used to create a slideshow of glog samples. Please remember to use caution when streaming in D97.
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Glogs as a Collection of Resources

Glogs offer educators the opportunity to collect carefully chosen web resources and create an attractive package for students in order to guide the learning.

Here is a Memorial Day Resources blog.

View the Memorial Day Resouces Blog

Glogs as Curriculum Launchers

Glogs seem to have many uses in the world of education. In this case a glog is used as a curriculum launcher, to help build background knowledge through video, and guide student learning. It includes a WebQuest for differentiated learning opportunities for students, and a Google Earth Lit Trips to provide students with visual experiences to enrich the reading. This glog serves as a cool tool for teachers to collect and organize web resources and deliver them to students in an attractive and convenient passage that's ready to use.

View The Orphan Train Glog

Glogster: Online Multi-Media Posters

Glogster is a cool tool that lets you create online posters, rich with multi-media. Instead of using poster board and ink, creators gather information, synthesize it, remix it and then create something of their own that is environmentally friendly.

Glogster is visual and exciting. The uses in the classroom are seemingly unlimited. Students can certainly make a statement with this tool.

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Jing Video Tutorials

Jing is a free tool from TechSmith that allows you to capture the screen on your computer to create a video tutorial. You do have to record your voice to narrate your video tutorial, but after a little practice this becomes more comfortable.

Here is a Jing tutorial created to demonstrate how to upload a PowerPoint slide to a shared GoogleDoc Presentation.

To learn more about Jing, go to
Jing, by TechSmith

Develop Keyboarding Habits with Three Cool Tools

Effective and efficient computer use is essential to students today and keyboarding skills provide an important foundation. For this reason, I am focusing attention and effort and helping teachers and parents assist students in developing keyboarding practice habits. The Cool Tools used are the blog, GoogleDocs and Custom Typing.

Help Students Develop a Practice Habit
A habit takes about five weeks to develop, which means this is the perfect time to help students develop one. There is plenty of time between now and the start of next school year to make a huge difference in the development of good keyboarding skills by engaging in regular Custom Typing Tutorial practice sessions. Children will thank you for this one day!

Teachers: Sign up to be guided through the process of helping students develop a keyboarding practice habit:

Parents: Sign up your children up and you will begin to receive a slow and steady stream of information designed to help you support your child by encouraging home practice habits.