Quick Tip: Reorder Images in a Channel

Throughout the ThingLink Teacher Challenge we have been working with Channels, more commonly known as slideshows of interactive images. Many educators have asked about reordering images within a channel so I am publishing a quick tip to demonstrate how to perform this task.

This functionality is built in to the free app for iOS or Android. You can easily drag and drop images to new locations within a channel using a mobile device and the app. Changes you make will immediately be visible when viewing channels through the web based version, allowing users to work seamlessly between devices with ThingLink EDU.

ThingLink UnPlugged: Capture Learning on the Go

The ThingLink Teacher Challenge for week 4, ThingLink UnPlugged, is the perfect compliment to any educator's summer fun. This challenge encourages educators to grab the free mobile app for iOS or Android and capture life and learning on the go with or without wireless.

9 Interactive Collaborative Projects to Explore & Reuse

Week 3 of the ThingLink Teacher Challenge asks participants to Create a Collaborative Student Project. The first of many project have landed in our group channel and it is with great pleasure that we share these 9 Collaborative Student Projects created by talented educators.

Quick Tip: Click Action on Tags

ThingLink EDU Premium provides users with the ability to control the click action on tags. This is a very useful feature for educators who Create a Collaborative Student Project because you have the ability to help students successfully navigate through a lesson.

When you add a tag, the click action is set to Automatic by default, but you can select another option by selecting Click Action in the Image Editor.

Unpacking Google Apps for the Teacher Challenge

The Teacher Challenge for Week 3, Create a Collaborative Student Project, is packed with resources, ideas and instructions. This is intentional and necessary because the Teacher Challenge is designed to be useful for teachers across all grade levels and content areas. It also has to work for educators with various levels of ThingLink expertise.

For this reason, I believe it's a good idea to unpack this challenge a bit and take a closer look at the use Google Docs within Create a Collaborative Student Project to help participants take advantage of using Google Docs to power a ThingLink.

Create a Collaborative Student Project

ThingLink Teacher Challenge Week 3

In this week’s Teacher Challenge we will be using ThingLink EDU to introduce a student driven learning activity. Participants will begin by creating an interactive image with differentiated resources.  Next you can add a layer of accountability through the use of a Google Form. For those of you looking to kick it up a notch, you can turn your ThingLink example into a collaborative student project.

Digital Storytelling with Interactive Images & Video, a Free Webinar

I'm excited to have the opportunity to present a new webinar on Simple K12 this Tuesday, Digital Storytelling with Interactive Images & Video. This webinar will feature some of the most recent work I have been engaged in, creating interactive image books for teaching and learning.

Quick Tip: Convert ThingLink to EDU Account

If you are an educator using ThingLink you want to be sure you are using the EDU version of the tool instead of the business version. This will allow you to utilize the features designed for education when you  Build Your ThingLink Classroom.  

Extending the Classroom Walls During Virtual Learning Days in Indiana

Last week I had the pleasure of attending the eRevolution Conference in Evansville, IN. I was invited by Tim Wilhelmus, via Twitter to "Bring ThingLink EDU to the teachers of Indiana!"  

Given my excitement about ThingLink EDU, my passion for teaching, and my desire to take on this challenge, I eagerly travel to the southern tip of Indiana. It wasn't until my first ThingLink workshop that I discovered that Indiana has begun to utilize virtual learning days for inclement weather. What a fabulous idea!

Quick Tip: Post a ThingLink to a Channel

This morning I received a comment from a reader requesting a brief tutorial to demonstrate how to Post a ThingLink interactive image to a Channel. Here is a resources that should help

ThingLink Teacher Challenge Collect & Curate Incredible Content

This week the ThingLink Teacher Challenge is designed to help participants discover and collect great content to remix and reuse. At the same time, participants will be able to connect with like-minded educators to share the workload and get inspired. Week 2 is all about working with ThingLink Channels.

Meet the ThingLink Teacher Challenge Participants

The Teacher Summer Challenge participants have begun to add images to our channel, Design Your Digital Self. We invite you to explore our channel and watch it grow. Connect with these educators on Twitter with the hashtag #TLChallenge. Join our Google+ community and expand your own PLN this summer and take the ThingLink Teacher Challenge!

eRevolution Conference in Indiana!

It seems like a very long time ago when Tim Wilhelmus and I had a conversation about bringing ThingLink to the teachers of Indiana. At last that time has come. I'm on my way to the eRevolution Conference in Evansville, IN.  This conference is Indiana's largest EdTech conference and it is sure to be a lot of fun. 

There's' is still time to register for the eRevolution Conference  on June 7th-9th.

Visual Literacy Resources from ISTE 2015

I've created a poster to highlight the interactive images shared during my poster and playground sessions at ISTE. I hope this poster will be helpful for helping all of the amazing educators I spoke with to quickly access the resources.

Design Your Digital Self

We are kicking off the ThingLink Summer Challenge #TLChallenge with a fun activity designed to help educators get started using ThingLink EDU. Explore the use of rich media tags to tell your professional story and introduce yourself  as you Design Your Digital Self.