ThingLink Bootcamp is Here!

An increasing number of educators are interested in including ThingLink and the new 360 photo editor for VR in their toolkits. At ThingLink, we recognize the value and importance of providing busy educators with professional development to effectively incorporate new tools and teaching practices into instruction, and we are pleased to launch ThingLink 360/VR Bootcamp for Educators!

Our Bootcamp promises to be bursting with enthusiasm and packed with pedagogy to help educators learn, share, and create 360/VR Lessons. Our goal is to help educators s feel confident and prepared to seamlessly integrate ThingLink 360/VR into the classroom.

About ThingLink VR Bootcamp

This Bootcamp focuses on the powerful possibilities for teaching and learning with virtual reality across all content areas and grade levels. Participants will learn how to design and personalize interactive 360 experiences in the classroom using ThingLink’s 360 photo editor. 

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  • Welcome and Introductions
  • Overview - What is interactive 360/VR?
  • The benefits of interactive 360/VR in the classroom, a pedagogical approach
  • Hands-on: Try it! Add tags to a 360 image
  • Lunch
  • Tools and resources to capture content: 360 cameras and more
  • Hands-on Guided Learning: Create your own virtual lesson with support using ThingLink’s 360 editor
  • Share out
In the morning, participants learn to design lessons that combine the power of ThingLink’s 360 photo editor with Google Apps and other popular 3rd party tools. We will take a look at ways to redesign classroom instructional time to embrace standards with the 360/VR experiences.

The focus of the afternoon will be on creating and publishing a curriculum-aligned activity for use with students. We’ll take a look at tools and resources for content capture, including 360 cameras and apps. With plenty of time dedicated to applying the learning, participants will walk away with a 360/VR lesson to use in the classroom the next day.


  • Tickets: $175, includes a full year of the Thinglink EDU Premium with 360/VR editor and lunch
  • Facilitators: Susan Oxnevad, Director of ThingLink Education, and the ThingLink Certified Educator Team.
  • Locations have not yet been announced, so sign up below to learn about upcoming events in your region, or, schedule a VR Bootcamp for your district.