Voki: Animated Talking Avatars

Please press the play button to hear a message.

Try it for yourself at voki.com

Rag Linen: Teaching History with Historic Newspapers

Rag Linen is an online museum of rare and historic newspapers which serve as "first drafts of history". The creators of this site have certainly done their work to develop an extremely well-organized and powerful collection of resources including
  • digital exhibits
  • digital collections
  • videos 
  • links to websites, books, bibliographies and blogs
They've even established an active community of online learners for sharing innovative ways to use this amazing collection as a tool for learning.

Go to RagLinen.com

YouCube: Create a cube of related videos

YouCube is a cool tool used to create a cube of content-related YouTube videos. Just select six videos, pop each url into the designated spot on the YouCube site, press return, and get a link for sharing. The cube isn't embeddable, but it certainly is a nice way to collect and share themed videos.

Since it's SuperBowl Sunday, my sample is a collection of the best commercials from years past. 

View my YouCube

Snappy Words: Online Visual Dictionary

Snappy Words is a free online visual dictionary and thesaurus that requires no log in. Just enter a word

into the search box and this cool tool instantly creates a web of related words, definitions, and phrases.  Hover over any word in the web to view it's definition. Double-click on a word, or drag a word to a new location to explore other branches of the word web. Snappy Words is simple, quick, and offers a visual alternative to the traditional dictionary.

Try it yourself at snappywords.com