YouTube for Teachers

As educators, most of us  recognize the benefits of using video for learning and we also realize that exposing students to the wide array of content available on YouTube can be dangerous. Finally, it's here... The site!

10 Minute Tech Tools

I've put together a new collection of user-friendly tech tools for busy teachers on ScoopIt. Unlike my other collections, the criteria for this list is not based on a common theme, instead these tools are included because they will take 10 minutes or less for you to start using and they are versitile enough to be used to enhance teaching across the curriculum. No login or account setup is required.

Use Google Docs to Facilitate a Digital Writer's Workshop

As a longtime user of Google Docs, I am very excited that all students in our schools have been given their own Google Apps accounts because I recognize the tremendous potential that comes along with using these online digital tools. One of the things I'm most excited about is using Google Docs to facilitate the writing process. Here are some of the cool features available in Google Docs to support writers: