REMIX: Adding Conversations to ThingLink

ThingLink has added a new feature to encourage collaboration and conversations about images. It's called REMIX.

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Podcast: Apple TV in the Classroom

All classroom teachers in our schools will be getting an IPad, an Apple TV for projection and a stand to utilize the device as a document camera. The initial goal of this one iPad classroom is to allow wireless mirroring of an iPad through the projector in the classroom. This will add some interactivity and recording capabilities

Why Blog?

Teachers who regularly blog are creating chronological and searchable records of their own growth and development. This is a good reason for teachers to blog.

3 Engaging Note-Taking Apps

As a teacher and life-long learner, I take a lot of notes. One of the best changes for me has been taking notes on my iPad because now I often find myself having fun trying to create attractive and useful notes. The note-taking process keeps me amused during meetings and the task keeps me challenged and attentive as I try to draw and explain the ideas being shared.

Here are 3 engaging apps to try to help put a  little fun back into note-taking sessions. 

The ThingLink Interactive Image Contest

Here is a great opportunity for teachers and students to have fun and try something new.

Flubaroo: Automated Google Docs Self-Grading Quizzes

A truly remarkable teaching tool is one that can collect information to evaluate student performance and provide students and teachers with immediate feedback for modification, reteaching and challenge.

Until now, the best tool I've shared has been Using Google Docs Self-Grading Quiz as an Exit Ticket. This post has claimed the position of runner up in popularity of posts on this blog because many teachers recognize the need for quick and efficient ways to collect and use data to maximize and fine-tune instruction.

Exploring Apps Today

Today I get to collaborate with my peers to explore and share iPad apps for teachers. With so many apps, so little time, and so many contributors, the decision about which apps to share could get complicated so I tried not to over-think it. Here are some apps I've chosen to share. 

Watch this list grow as I add the ideas of others to my playlist!