REMIX: Adding Conversations to ThingLink

ThingLink has added a new feature to encourage collaboration and conversations about images. It's called REMIX.

What is REMIX?

-from the ThingLink Blog...
In music a remix is a song that has been edited to sound different from the original version — it may include additional effects and elements, or the composition of the elements has been changed. 
ThingLink’s Remix feature follows the same idea with images. A rich media image is always a composition of content that conveys a unique experience. Now you can take an image you see, click the Remix button, add elements to it, and republish a new version. By doing so, you’re enabling a new conversation on the same image.

How Does REMIX Work? 

Enable REMIX
If you are already using ThingLink you will need to turn REMIX on. Look for the option when you click on My Channel. New users will find this feature to be automatically enabled.

You can REMIX someone else's image by going to, selecting an image, and clicking on the REMIX icon to create your own version of the image in your account. Once the image is in your account you can add tags. The tags will appear on your REMIXed image, but they will only appear as Comments on the original image. The comments will have  a link to your REMIXED version. 

Here is an example of an image I REMIXED. Click the image to view the conversation.

A few Ways to Use REMIX with Students

  • Teachers can post an image with discussion questions for students to REMIX and answer. 
  • Students can create an interactive image to demonstrate knowledge and ideas. As part of the sharing process, students can REMIX and add comments and responses to the ideas presented.
  • An interactive image can be used to present a real world problem to students. They can REMIX the image with possible solutions to the problem.

Common Core Connections

Try REMIX to launch learning experiences that engage students in a range of collaborative discussions to build on the ideas of others and express their own ideas clearly. This is one of the skills identified by the Common Core.