Mange Classroom Workflow with Showbie

Are you looking for an easy and efficient way to manage the workflow in your 1:1 iPad classroom?

Showbie is an iPad app that offers a solution to help teachers distribute, collect and evaluate digital assignments created on an iPad. Showbie is simple and efficient right out of the box. 

Using ThingLink Beyond the Classroom Walls

ThingLink is an amazing tool for teaching and learning that is now supported across platforms to provide teachers and students with a variety of flexible options to extend the learning beyond the classroom walls. The recent addition of the Android app, along with existing the iOS app and web based platform, completes the full circle of possibilities for creating interactive images.


ThingLink Through the SAMR Lens

ThingLink Through the SAMR Lens

If you are a teacher with a passion for teaching, ThingLink is an essential tool for your toolkit.  This flexible tool is well-suited for helping students dig deeper into content as they create. Learning to use ThingLink is an adventure worth exploring.