Unpacking the Common Core at ICE 14

Please enjoy a slideshow presented at the Illinois Computing Educators Conference 

Unpacking the Common Core: Embracing the Academic Vocabulary Shift.

Flexible Learning Tools at ICE 14

This is part of a Digital Differentiation model, my way i of weaving a web of flexible tools together for teaching and learning. To keep the model relevant, frequent updates are required, as new tools and trends emerge. 

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Design Your Digital Classroom ICE 14

Welcome to Design Your Digital Classroom.

Explore interactive resources to help teachers use technology as a tool for deeper learning.

A ThingLink Channel for Teachers

Explore this interactive ThingLink Channel of ideas and directions for using the new ThingLink Teacher features.

Be sure to read the full posts as I continue to guest blog on the ThingLink Blog in February and March.

3 Ways to Use ThingLink Custom Icon Sets

ThingLink Custom Icon Sets are a new feature available to teachers with premium accounts. They offer a whole new layer of opportunities for using interactive images for teaching and learning. Think of Custom Icon Sets as visual labels that can be used to further define an image and provide a glimpse of the type of content to be explored behind the link.

Learn more on the ThingLink Blog

Build Your ThingLink Classroom

ThingLink is working hard to pack teacher accounts full of useful features for building and managing the ThingLink Classroom. I am excited to be guest blogging here in February and March to demonstrate great ways to use the new features. Let’s start from the beginning by taking a look at how teachers can create a ThingLink Classroom and add students.

>Read more on the ThingLink Blog

Create Interactive Albums with ThingLink Channels

Now teachers and students can create collections of work within the safety of their own ThingLink EDU classroom with an exciting new feature known as Channels.

ThingLink Channels provide users with the ability to organize images into embeddable interactive albums with the click of a button. Teachers and students have the flexibility to build Channels that are connected to learning goals and compliment classroom routines.  Channels are a fantastic addition to ThingLink EDU, with many opportunities for use for teaching and learning. 

Webinar 2/4: Using Google Docs to Construct Knowledge

Google Docs Presentation Slides is tool well-suited for use to fuel everyday student driven research  because of the availability of efficient integrated research and writing tools right on the page. 

Teachers can use the tool to design student driven learning experiences that require students to construct knowledge as they create, an idea supported by the Common Core State Standards. (CCSS)