Prezi - Create Stunning Presentations

Prezi is a presentation tool that can be used as a refreshing alternative to the traditional linear slide show. Rather than walking an audience through a series of slides, Prezi uses one canvas to zoom from idea to idea and engage viewers with every twist and turn along the way. This user-friendly tool can be used by students to construct knowledge, tell a story, or as a tool to persuade. Watch this quick video to understand why you should consider using Prezi . Let your students create!

View an interesting Prezi sample:
Digital Learners Becoming Digital Educators, by Eitan Benzaquen

Wild About Wikispaces

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A wiki is a website that allows members to easily edit and contribute content. Wikispaces is a tool I'm wild about for collaborative learning for some good reasons.

Wikis are virtual classrooms for the 21st Century Learner
Members of a wikis spend time reading, writing, editing and publishing their work and the work others from locations near and far. Students enjoy writing and creating for an audience and a wiki offers an exciting way for them to become engaged in real world learning. 

Wikis widgets provide opportunities to support all learners
A simple widget lets you embed an abundance of Web 2.0 tools into any page in order to provide students with multiple and flexible means of becoming engaged in learning. This means a wiki can be a tool used to support RtI and Universal Design for Learning.

Templates provide consistent formatting options
Wants students to have a starting point for a project with prompts, directions and formatting? Want your colleagues to provide standard information on a wiki page? Good news! You can save time and provide a consistent page format for contributors by creating templates. A wiki template is like a virtual copy machine.

No email account for students is required
Free upgrades to K-12 educator accounts are ad free and they provide the opportunity for teachers to add users, which means students do not need an email account to fully contribute.

View my glog of wiki projects to see  examples of some of the fabulous ways teachers in D97 are using wikis.


Glog On!

Glog On! - U97 Wksp. on Jan. 4th
Glogster has become a fairly popular tool in D97 because it is versatile and it provides users with multiple means of engagement. I sent out a Call to Gloggers in search of samples and then created a glog of Glogs.

View Glog On and watch it grow!