Screencasting Tools

This is a free online screencasting tool with plenty of handy features. The site itself is a great source of already created tutorials and it's worth checking out. ScreenToaster was very easy to use, and publishing a short screencast was painless. This seems like a wonderful screencasting tool and I will use it again.
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Jing is an old, familiar application that works well and has exciting potential, but it tends to take a long time to load and play. Jing is free, but there is a download required so this is a tool for home use. There is also a more streamlined paid version of JING that is worth checking out. 
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At first glance, Screenr seemed like the perfect tool for recording simple video tutorials. Creating a Screener couldn't be easier, but publishing one was a different story. First, Screenr insisted on posting my screencast to Twitter, but then it couldn't quite make the connection. All of the Screenrs I created are somewhere lost in CyberSpace.
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This is another screencasting tool that depends on Twitter for publishing, but it also has a nicely displayed collection of already created screencasts.
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WallWisher is a free tool that allows you to create a page of online sticky notes. In addition to text, the notes can include images, links and videos as long as that media is already stored somewhere else online. Create a themed wall, then invite others to add stickies. Just think of all the ways this Cool Tool can be used!

Web 2.0 Tools for Online Presentation and Resource Sharing

Nadine Norris, Instructional Technology Coordinator in District 15, always has a lot of useful tools to share. Here are some of the tools she shared at ICE today.
These tools will be used, reviewed, and discussed on this blog.

NEO2 for Keyboarding and Writing

The NEO2 is worth taking a look at for schools looking for cost-efficient machines for keyboarding and writing. This machine is the newest Alphasmart. Here are some great features of the device:
  • text can be enlarged
  • not Internet-connected
  • transfer data wirelessly to computer
  • includes the "Home Row Check" feature within keyboarding program
  • has a feature to wirelessly transfer data to Google Docs
  • Text2Speech add-on device available
  • made out of football helmet material
The Fusion and the Writer are similar devices and I will try to take them for a test drive at ICE today.