ThingLink Live & On Demand: Digital Differentiation

Many years ago I began building a digital toolkit of resources for using technology as a tool for differentiated learning. At that time I was lucky to discover ThingLink as well. My toolkit quickly grew into a powerful model that has remained current and useful over time.

4 Ways to Tell Digital Stories with ThingLink EDU

Every image has a story – and you can help those images come to life and tell deeper stories with ThingLink EDU.
Authors of all ages can use ThingLink to tell engaging digital stories by easily adding an interactive layer to images and videos. Just add an icon to annotate an image or video with embedded rich media to provide readers with opportunities to explore information, listen to songs, watch videos, or answer polls without leaving the page. Authors can turn multiple interactive images into books that are sure to meet the diverse needs of all learners. Explore the powerful possibilities of digital storytelling with ThingLink

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Power the ePortfolio Process with ThingLink EDU

I had an amazing time working with educators today during my iLab session at the EdTech Teacher iPad Summit! To follow up, I'm posting the interactive poster used during the session, followed by the  interactive slideshow. 

For those interested in a bit of background knowledge, please see a post published on this blog in August of this year, Back to School with ThingLink ePortfolios.

Creating My Personal ePortfolio of Learning

As I prepare for the EdTech Teacher iPad Summit in Boston next week I've found an incredible opportunity to practice what I will be teaching. I've started a ThingLink ePortfolio to document my own learning throughout the conference. I plan to capture the learning through images, photos and tags to prepare to use and share it.

This sounds like a lot of fun and I suspect my own session will include some very practical tips and tricks learned along the way since I will be attending 9 sessions and participating in the Creation Station all before my session on Wednesday.

Building the Ultimate Word Wall

The Ultimate Word Wall began in June, 2014 as part of the ThingLink Teacher Challenge. The wall has been growing as the activity has continued to be used. Explore these examples and think about creating your own vocabulary ThingLink and adding it to the wall. We'll be demonstrating how to create and share a ThingLink that helps students dig deeper into vocabulary. -> Learn more on the ThingLink Blog

I'm Shipping Up to Boston

I'm preparing to head to Boston for the EdTech Teacher iPad Summit. I will be sharing the idea of using ThingLink as a seemless portfolio tool to encourage students to become stakeholders in their own learning.

ThingLink - a Terrific Tool for the Task

  1. Every ThingLink starts with an image.
  2. Mobile devices allow students to capture artifacts that represent learning.
  3. ThingLink rich media tags provide students with an easy way to document self-reflection and set goals.
  4. The idea of using digital papr for a portfolio is appealing because it is changeable, erasable and expandable to support and document learning. 
  5. +More

Transform Teaching & Learning with ThingLink EDU

ThingLink EDU is in full swing with our free PD to help educators transform teaching and learning in classrooms, schools and districts. Join any or all of our sessions live, or view the archive on demand right from your in box. Share the recordings with colleagues, teams, administrators and decision-makers. We hope you can join our next session.

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App Smashing is a popular method of combining two or more apps together to create, publish and share content. App Smashing challenges us to discover new possibilities for teaching and learning with an iPad and presents us with greater possibilities for making the device meet our goals. ThingLink is well suited for powering any App Smash because of the presentation possibilities for turning any image into a rich multimedia content launcher. Join us as we demonstrate the powerful possibilities that exist for creating, publishing and presenting by AppSmashing ThingLink, Padlet and Explain Everything. Sign up to view the live session or receive the archived version in your inbox.

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Webinars at a Glance

Transform Teaching & Learning with ThingLink
8:00 PM EDT
Create Engaging Resources w/ ThingLink EDU & Google Docs
8:00 PM EDT
AppSmashing with ThingLink, Padlet and Explain Everything
8:00 PM EDT

Build the Ultimate Word Wall
8:00 PM EDT
Digital Storytelling with ThingLink EDU
7:00 PM EDT
Digital Differentiation with ThingLink EDU
7:00 PM EDT
Facilitate an Interactive Map Project with ThingLink EDU
7:00 PM EDT
Embrace ThingLink as an ePortfolio Tool
7:00 PM EDT

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