9 Interactive Collaborative Projects to Explore & Reuse

Week 3 of the ThingLink Teacher Challenge asks participants to Create a Collaborative Student Project. The first of many project have landed in our group channel and it is with great pleasure that we share these 9 Collaborative Student Projects created by talented educators.

Ways to Use This Resource

This interactive image poster was created for quick access to the 9 interactive projects featured here. It also serves as a cover page for a slideshow Channel of interactive image resources. It can be explored and used in two ways described below the image.

Explore As a Channel

Find the book icon at the top of the poster to scroll through this resources as a Channel, or interactive slideshow.  Use the buttons at the top of the Channel View to explore it Full Screen. You can also Share the channel through a button here. To access any of the individual images, click on the button to View All Images in Channel. From this view,  you can click on an image to
  • Curate and collect the projects with the Post button. 
  • Remix the image by making a copy for your own modification and reuse.
  • Share the image with colleagues through email or social media. 
  • Embed the project in your blog, website, or wiki to help students find and use it.

Explore as a Poster 

Click on the icon on any image to view, explore and access the image buttons on ThingLink. This view provides users with quick access to the images. With that you get the ability to
  • Explore the interactive project.
  • Curate and collect the projects with the Post button. 
  • Remix the image by making a copy for your own modification and reuse with the Remix button.
  • Share the image with colleagues through email or social media. Find the link and social media buttons by clicking on the Share button
  • Embed the project in your blog, website, or wiki for easy access.Find the code when you click on the Share button.

Celebrate the Collaborative Student Projects

We would like to give an enormous shout out to the 9 educators who created these amazing projects! Each interactive image should include a tag with the designer's name and social media contact information. In addition, here's a quick list to help you connect via Twitter. These are educators to follow and connect with. You can also join in the conversations in our Google+ Community! If you find an image that inspires you, please share it through social media. #TLChallenge

More Project to Come

As new Collaborative Student Projects are submitted to our shared channel for week 3 of the Teacher Challenge, they will continued to be shared and also curated into the Channels we began to build during week 2 of the teacher challenge, Create and Curate Incredible Content. Stay tuned!

Next Challenge

Week 4 of the Teacher Challenge will be launched on July 26, 2015 for participants who are ready for the next challenge. Remember, this is a self-paced challenge so take your time and get the most of out of the learning. For questions or help email susan@thinglink.com.