ThingLink UnPlugged: Capture Learning on the Go

The ThingLink Teacher Challenge for week 4, ThingLink UnPlugged, is the perfect compliment to any educator's summer fun. This challenge encourages educators to grab the free mobile app for iOS or Android and capture life and learning on the go with or without wireless.

Use Whatever Device is Handy at the Moment

ThingLink is an amazing tool for teaching and learning that is supported across platforms. This flexibility provides teachers and students with a variety of options to extend the learning beyond the classroom walls. The iOS app and Android apps, combined with the web based platform complete the full circle of possibilities for creating and learning with interactive images. Explore this interactive image to learn about the flexible options..

Grab the Free App

The ThingLink apps for iOS and Android been developed with education in mind. When browsing for existing ThingLink content, students can only see images created by other teachers and students. Safe-search has been enabled to provide students with age appropriate content when searching for media to annotate images. The updated version of the app now includes student and teacher signup options with invitation codes, making it easy to manage students and engage them on mobile devices like never before. Best of all, the app works with or without wireless.

Capture Learning on the Go

When you get away from an Internet connection you can capture learning  with the mobile app and store it locally on your individual device. Take a photo and tag it with another photo on the spot. Capture some video right there and add it to a tag on your ThingLink image. Or start simple and use the base image like a visual notebook to  annotate and record ideas through text. Later, when you return to a wireless Internet connection, you can continue to build the ThingLink on whatever device is handy.

There are many ways to engage students in  learning experiences that extends the walls of the classroom by going off the grid with ThingLink mobile and a handy device. Allow students to bring their own devices when they explore the world to encourage active participation and help them engage and connect with the learning in front of them. Students will discover new ways to mix up their worlds and make it personally meaningful. 

Get Inspired by Amazing Examples

Explore this channel of examples created by Community Members and Expert Educators during last year's Summer Challenge to get inspired and share some ideas. A big shout out goes to these amazing educators. These are teachers to connect with!

Steps at a Glance

Grab the App and Add an Image

  1. Make sure you have a ThingLink for Education account.
  2. Download the app.
    1. Apps Store for iOS
    2. Google Play for Android.
  3. Go outside or away from an Internet connection, open the app and take a picture for use as your base image.
  4. Tap the picture to tag an image with a note or a question.
  5. Tap the picture and choose Add Media to add another image or video on top of  your image.

Tell Deeper Stories with Premium & Custom Icons

When using the ThingLink app you will notice that there is a default icon. You can replace that icon with an icon available to you when you are in the Edit mode. Follow the steps below to learn how to use EDU Premium or Custom icons when using the app.

Rearrange Image Order in a Channel

The ThingLink App allows users to reorder images within a channel by dragging them to desired locations within the channel. Follow the directions below to rearrange any of your ThingLink channels. When using the web based version, simply refresh the page to see the changes.

Share with Our Community

When your image is complete, please make sure you have added tags with your name and links to your social media connections. Please add it to our shared channel: "Week 4: ThingLink UnPlugged".


If you have not yet joined the ThingLink Teacher Challenge 2015 group and you would like to participate, please contact me by email or through the form to get assistance. As always, email with questions.