360/VR Vocabulary Across All Languagues

Our ThingLink Summer VR Challenge is in full-swing and we are extremely excited about introducing our participants and sharing the vocabulary lessons that have been created!

We hope you will explore the map at the top of this post to meet the Digital Selves of the talented participants leading the way through this self-paced challenge. The map will be updated again to include more participants as they make it through the activity.

Our collection of engaging vocabulary activities is growing as participants complete the lesson, Vocabulary Across All Languages for the Summer VR Challenge. Please explore this poster, highlighting the most recent lessons submitted to the challenge.

Explore Our Channel of Vocabulary Lessons

As participants submit lessons, they are added to a poster. The posters are assembled into a slideshow channel of resources. This resource will continue to grow as the Summer Challenge progresses. We hope you will keep an eye on this channel and watch it grow!