Create an Interactive Map Project

I'm excited to be facilitating a Simple K-12 webinar designed to help educators learn to Create an Interactive Map Project. This is part of a full-day of webinars dedicated to introducing Tools for Student Projects. I hope you can join us on Tuesday, July 19th.

My session will explore the interactive map project you see below, Struggle for Justice. Participants will learn how to use Google Add-Ons to quickly create a map, then they will learn to bring the map to life by adding rich media tags with details about the events, marked by hot spots on the map. 

Imagine the powerful possibilities of using an interactive map to launch a class project!

Here is an interactive slideshow used to guide the learning during this recent webinar. Simple K-12 members can view the recorded version on

Create an Interactive Map Project

Tuesday, July 19, 201
1:00 PM EDT

Come discover how you and your students can create interactive maps that will encourage student exploration, invite curiosity and promote spatial thinking. Join Susan Oxnevad as she shares how you can create and use these interactive map projects for a variety of grade levels and subjects. She will explain how these maps can be used to provide students with background knowledge to launch a unit, or as a starting point for digging deeper into any concept through research. Susan will also show how to publish and share completed student projects on top of an interactive map to help provide a big-picture overview of the learning going on in your classroom. Come get inspired to create interactive map projects and learn how useful they can be in teaching a variety of topics, across grade levels and content areas.