Explore Our Showcase of ThingLink Interactive Video Lessons

We are pleased to share a showcase of ThingLink Interactive Video lessons created by participants in the ThingLink Teacher Summer Challenge

The challenge encouraged educators to embed a Google Form into a video to collect data and feedback from students. Participants were then encouraged to kick it up a notch by embedding their own favorite tools and apps in a video to provide more functionality to power the learning. The results are amazing and the possibilities are exciting. 

This interactive video, submitted by by Sheri Edwards, includes a live Padlet right inside the video. This adds a level of simple and instant collaboration to a lesson. Since Padlet does not require students to log in, the tech is seamlessly integrated to support the learning and it is in the background. What a powerful way to engage students! Explore this interactive video and contribute to the Padlet yourself.

Explore Our Showcase of Interactive Videos

The 6 ThingLink Interactive Videos showcased here are great examples of streamlining the delivery of content through the use of the embed feature. As you explore any of these videos, notice how Google Docs and more 3rd party tools are displayed live right within the video. 

Try it Yourself

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