9 Ways to Use ThingLink UnPlugged

At the end of the 4th week of ThingLink Teacher Challenge, we are excited to share an interactive poster and channel of interactive images featuring 9 ways to use ThingLink UnPlugged. The images were created by teacher challenge participants using the free ThingLink App and a mobile device. 

These images demonstrate ways to connect with life's everyday learning opportunities by capturing moments and documenting them through text, images and rich media. We hope you will explore these interactive images and get inspired to create one of your own. Creating a ThingLink on the go is fun and it is the perfect summer activity for inquisitive educators on the go! 

Ways to Use ThingLink UnPlugged

This interactive image poster was created for quick access to the 9 UnPlugged interactive image featured here. It also serves as a cover page for a channel of interactive images and resources. 

To explore any of the images, click on the Magnifying Glass Icon. When the tag opens, click again to explore the original image. 

To browse these resources as a channel of interactive images, click on the Channel Icon at the top of the poster. When you are in this view, you can access all the images in the channel by clicking on the same icon, located in the top right side of the screen

Celebrate and Connect with the Designers

We would like to give an enormous shout out to the 9 amazing educators who created the first examples of ways to use ThingLink UnPlugged to Capture Learning on the Go! Each interactive image should include a tag with the designer's name and social media contact information. In addition, here's a quick list to help you connect via Twitter. You can also join in the conversations in our Google+ Community! If you find an image that inspires you, please share it through social media.#TLChallenge

  • A Virtual Field Trip to Comanche Lookout, by Laura Moore @LearnMooreStuff 
  • East and West, by Sheri Edwards @nsdedwards
  • A Palermo City Day Trip with Friends, by Carmela Dell'Aria @carmen64 ​ 
  • What can you do in the Highland Library? by Susan Walterich @SusanWalterich
  • Learning Outside the Classroom, by Jean Edwards​ @JeanEd70
  • A Walk in an Industrial Complex in Kladno, by Petra Bohackova @bohap
  • A Field Trip to Venice, by Alessandra Pallavicini @ale0715
  • At the Denver Zoo, by Emily Stout @Teacherstuff4U
  • Life Cycle of Flowering Plants, by Christi Collins @christibcollins 

Next Challenge

Stay tuned for the 5th and final challenge of the summer, Engage Students with ThingLink for Video, launched on August 3, 2015