Show Teacher Appreciation with an Upgrade to Premium EDU

The end of the year is the perfect time to show appreciation for the educators who have worked very hard to help our children learn and grow throughout the year.

With already hundreds of thousands of teachers and students using ThingLink to create interactive images and videos, parents can power up their favorite educator's or school’s digital toolkit with a ThingLink EDU Premium account for the entire year.

Teachers and students love ThingLink and our EDU Premium features help them unlock the full potential of interactive images and video within a safe and secure classroom environment. Explore this example to see how Meghan Zigmond and her 1st grade students love ThingLink!

Explore Powerful Possibilities for Teachers

ThingLink EDU Premium is packed with features for engaging students in 21st century learning experiences that support individual learning needs. Please explore this interactive book as another example of the powerful possibilities that exist for teaching and learning with ThingLink.

Show Appreciation for a School or Teacher

During May you can support ThingLink’s educational use, and upgrade the whole school to ThingLink Premium EDU for only $350.  

I want to upgrade my teacher for $35!  Donate $35 to the Free Interactive Books project and mention the name and email address of the teacher who gets the upgrade in the comments. We will contact the teacher and let them know about your gift! 

I want to upgrade my school for the special price of $350! Donate $350 to the Free Interactive Books project and mention the name of the school and a contact person who will become the administrator of the Verified School Account. Or, email us at and we will handle the upgrade process for your school.

Post A Badge on Your Blog or Website

Teachers, here is a badge to display on your own blog or website to show how much you would appreciate the chance to explore the powerful possibilities of ThingLink EDU Premium. Feel free to forward this post to your Parent/Teacher Organization or let us know who we can contact for you.  For more information, drop us an email at