Building a Free Library of Interactive Resources

Ulla Engeström, founder of ThingLink
The founder of ThingLink, Ulla Engeström, has a goal to build a free library of interactive resources for all teachers, students and parents. She has launched a crowdfunding campaign, Women Who Tech, to gain support for education and women tech entrepreneurs. #WomenWhoTech

“It has been my deliberate choice and goal to build an amazing free resource of interactive media for educational and editorial use.”

Learn the Story Behind this Campaign

Explore this interactive image to learn why Ulla has decided to participate in the Women Who Tech Campaign.

Building a Library of Interactive Resources

With support from this campaign we can create and share a powerful library of interactive resources for use across all content areas and grade levels. Here are a few of the powerful possibilities for students, teachers and parents.

A Library of Interactive Books

Interactive books can be created when ThingLink images are added to a slideshow channel with the click of a button. These books are very enjoyable to read and explore. Turn the pages in the book below to find images annotated with a variety of media to support all learning styles. Interactive images can tell any story beautifully, whether it's fiction or nonfiction.

One of the best things about Thinglink interactive books is that students can author them too. I like to have students start with an image and construct knowledge through research about a topic as they add layers of media. To help students develop writing and presentation skills I use the opportunity to focus on learning how to write clear and concise descriptions to the image tags. Writing clear and concise text is a useful 21st century skill. Explore this example to image the possibilities for teaching students to write a readable image.


A Library of Resources for Teachers

Thousands of educators use ThingLink every day to turn images and videos into fun learning experiences. In this campaign we are raising money to collect the amazing creative work of our users into a free library of interactive books, presentations, and videos across all subjects and grade levels, powered by  a subject and grade level specific content search on ThingLinkSupporters of this campaign can subscribe to a curated monthly edition of interactive books and videos that support learning across all grade levels to help build our community of educators who create, share and use ThingLink. Explore just a few amazing resources created by ThingLink Expert Educators and consider the possibilities for a comprehensive interactive resource library. 

Easily Reuse and Personalize Library Resources

One of the best features of ThingLink is the ability to Remix an image to customize it for your own use. Users can start with a ThingLink, click on the Remix tag and make a copy of it for yourself. The existing tags are visible and editable. Users can add additional tags, delete existing tags, and build on the work of others to create a unique interactive resource that is personalized. 

Support Women Who Tech

Teachers and students have embraced and welcomed ThingLink and it been chosen many times as one of the best free web tools for education. Your support will help us make ThingLink an even better resource for all teachers, students, and parents around the world. We hope you will support Ulla's campaign and help us spread the news!