Curate a Collection of Interactive Images

To demonstrate the power of a new ThingLink feature known as Add to Channel, I used this blog for a bit of crowdsourcing yesterday.  I asked readers to submit  links to images about outer space through a simple Google Form. Then I demonstrated how to use the form to instantly capture and curate the interactive images into a Space Channel! 

Image curation has never been easier with Add to Channel, and collecting the links is a breeze with a Google Form. Here are the images collect so far. Nice!

How it Works

Watch the quick video demo recording.

Share Your Amazing Outer Space Image


I didn't get it. It you clicked on the link in the Google Docs spreadsheet, you were suddenly (and mysteriously) in the ThinkLink account. How? The key seemed to be that there was a ThinkLink frame above the Google spreadsheet. How did you navigate to the Google document from inside the Thinklink account?

is this a special application running on your computer?


There is no special application running on my computer. The Google Docs spreadsheet has links that lead to images on ThingLink. Clicking on the link brings me right to the account. Clicking under the image adds the link to the channel.

Try it yourself. Here is a link to one of my images. Click on it and you will be viewing it on ThingLink. Look beneath the image for Add To Channel.