Tap Into Sound with ThingLink & Audioboo

This weeks ThingLink Teacher Challenged asked participants to focus on audio as they design lessons. We introduced Audioboo as an integrated web based platform and app that easily captures and collects audio for use. The goal of this challenge is to use ThingLink to design a multimedia rich learning experiences to support the diverse needs of all learners.

ThingLink is a multimedia rich and flexible tool that can be used to design learning experiences built for success, putting power in the hands of the facilitator of a well designed lesson. Built-in supports are helpful to many learners for many reasons.

Learn About UDL

Universal Design for Learning supports the idea of designing lessons from the start that are equipped with support for all learners to overcome learning barriers and to meet their diverse learning needs. What this CAST video, UDL at a Glance, enhanced by ThingLink for Video.

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Turn it Up with Audioboo on Padlet.

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