Crowdsourcing to Build the Ultimate Wall of ThingLinks at ISTE 2014

To say there was a lot going on at ISTE 2014 is an understatement! There were thousands of educators drawn together by our passion for EdTech. Each of us attended the conference for different reasons, all related to leveraging the power of technology to improve education and making connections.

I attended ISTE along with the amazing and brilliant Ulla Engestrom, founder and CEO of ThingLink. We spent our days talking with educators about ways to use ThingLink interactive images and interactive video to leverage the power of technology for teaching and learning. We were excited to connect with educators who shared the innovative ways they are using the tool, eager to hear suggestions, and amazed to learn that many presenters were using ThingLink to share content in their presentations at ISTE 2014.

Crowdsourcing to Build a Wall of ThingLink Resources
As someone who gets a kick out of the power of crowdsourcing, I've decided to try to build the Ultimate Wall of ThingLink Interactive Images Shared at ISTE 2014. I'm hoping to collect those ThingLinks shared throughout the conference and publish them on a Padlet wall to curate those resources and share them with the community of connected educators. 

Two Ways to Quickly Contribute

  1. Add your interactive image to the wall yourself, it's very easy and smooth. Just click or tap twice on the board, then paste the link into the box that appears. Note: It is probably easiest to view the wall full screen
  2. Submit the info and link into the appropriate Google form below, and I will add it to the wall for you, with proper credit of course.
The Ultimate Wall of ThingLink Images at ISTE 

More About Padlet

  • Padlet is a free, flexible and user friendly tool that is available online, 24/7
  • Users can create account and design Padlets for a variety of purposes for teaching and learning. 
  • Students can contribute to Padlets without an email address, just tap to add an image. This is an easy way for students to turn in work.
  • Padlet works well on a computer and also from the web browser on an iPad. 
  • There's no tape or physical space limitations with these types of word walls.
  • Padlet is capable is displaying text, images and video.
  • Padlet can be embedded into a blog, wiki or website.
  • Padlet supports ThingLink interactive images! Just copy the Share link from ThingLink and paste it into Padlet to create a wall of interactive images that display beautifully.