- Collect and Share Information Visually is a curation service that allows users to collect information about a topic of interest and display it all on one attractive visual page. The tool integrates instantly with Twitter and Facebook, allowing you to share with the click of a button, and a newly added feature allows users to embed a preview of your page into any blog, wiki or website. See the Cool Tools for Drawing sample I created below..

Besides for it's attractive and visual format, one of the biggest differences between and a traditional blog is that the creator can choose to simply collect and display content without having to write about it. Of course, users can add a post of your own too, but if you'd prefer to simply share, will do the trick. is a  user friendly tool. Simply install the handy bookmarklet in your toolbar and collect information yourself, or use the suggested resources collected for you based on the keywords you submit when you crete your page. will find images and descriptions of the pages you choose to display, or you can add your own with a few more clicks. The most important thing to remember when using this tool is to keep it simple and stick to one topic.

Click to view my Sample - Cool Tools for 21st Century Learners

Uses in the Classroom:
  • Collect resources at a variety of reading levels on a particular topic or area of study.
  • Collect news resources from different countries and/or perspectives to expose students to a current event or issue from a global perspective.
  • Create a page of related resources using a variety of multimedia to provide students with multiple ways to access information.
  • Collect and display primary source documents all in one place to help students bring it all together.
  • Create a page of student-created projects for sharing on the web.