Reserve Your Spot in the ThingLink Teacher Challenge in June!

We invite educators to take the 4th Annual ThingLink Summer Teacher Challenge in June. Learn to leverage the power of ThingLink Premium tools and explore the vast possibilities of teaching and learning with 360/VR.

This highly popular, self-paced professional development provides educators with the tools and support needed to create engaging, interactive 360/VR lessons and projects. To encourage educators to participate in this fantastic summer of learning, we have an incredible deal on ThingLink Premium Teacher for you!

Get ThingLink Premium Teacher for Only $25! 

For a limited time, we’re offering participants a chance to grab a 1-year Premium Teacher subscription for just $25.00. (normally $120) Our Premium Teacher account provides 1 teacher, plus all of their students with access to our Premium Tools, including:

 ThingLink Premium Teacher Features
  • Teleport Editor App with our preloaded library of stunning 360 images to create lessons and student projects on an iPad, Android tablet, and recent Chromebooks models.
  • ThingLink 360 image editor to create 360 learning experiences on any laptop or desktop computer
  • ThingLink regular image editor, with customization and presentation features, plus preloaded icons for education
  • ThingLink video editor to create interactive videos lessons and tutorials.
Share the news  with your colleagues and join hundreds of educators from locations across the globe in the ThingLink Teacher Summer Challenge starting in June!

Use code SUMMER17 to grab a ThingLink Teacher Premium account. Already have a Premium account? Simply sign up below to participate.