Countdown to the ThingLink Summer VR Challenge

In less than 2 weeks we will officially be kicking off the ThingLink Summer VR Challenge! This free, online, self-paced professional development experience will provide opportunities for educators at all levels to work together to explore and create interactive 360/VR activities for teaching and learning. This Pilot with Pedagogy is designed to help educators successfully embrace the powerful possibilities of the 360/VR Editor. We invite you to participate in this online learning experience.

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Benefits of Participation

  • Get your hands on ThingLink's new 360/VR Tag Editing Tool for free during the duration of the 5-week teacher challenge.
  • Gain access to our collection of 360 images, ready for annotating with the 360/VR tag editing tool.
  • Learn, create and connect with innovative educators across the globe.
  • Embrace the powerful possibilities of designing and using interactive 360/VR in the classroom.
  • Curate a collection of ThingLink 360/VR Lessons created by colleagues participating in the challenge.
  • Learn about opportunities to become a ThingLink Certified Educator.
  • Relax, get inspired and have fun as you grow and learn to how to bring a whole new level of engagement to your teacher toolkit.N

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Kicking Off at ISTE

It has been a tradition for the past 3 years to launch the ThingLink Summer Challenges at ISTE, and I'm pleased to announce that the EdTech Coaches Network has given me a physical space to share the challenge with attendees this year. If you're going to ISTE, please stop by to learn more, explore and connect. Here are back-to-back sessions I'll be sharing on Tuesday.

Transform Teaching and Learning with an Interactive Toolkit 

Tues: 9:30 -10:30 | EdTech Coaches Playground | Station 3 
Learn to add a layer of engagement to your coaching menu by picking up a toolkit of interactive images and 360 content for modification and reuse.

Create, Connect and Collaborate: Take the ThingLink Summer VR Challenge for Coaches 

Tues: 10:45-11:45 | EdTech Coaches Playground |Station 6
Join our free, self-paced, online professional development opportunity designed to help coaches connect, collaborate and create interactive 360/VR resources across all grade levels and content areas.

If you can't stop by in person, no worries, the ThingLink Summer VR Challenge is all online! Just complete the form so we can connect with you to help you gain access to our brand new 360/VR tag editing tool and stay informed as we get closer to the kickoff!

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Get Inspired

Watch the recorded version of our ThingLink Live 360/VR Interactive Image Slam to get inspired by our some amazing ThingLink 360 pioneers, and think of the places you can go explore this summer during the ThingLink Summer VR Challenge!

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