Free Webinar: Avatars & Internet Safety

Join us for a free webinar on Avatars and Internet Safety to kickoff Living in the US - Bring the Textbook to Life! 
There's no better time than to focus on Internet safety then when introducing a collaborative project! 

We are excited to share Avatars and Internet Safety lessons and resources to help remind students to protect their identities when collaborating and communicating online.

Tuesday night's webinar will be an overview of resources, tips and tricks for using avatars to remind students about protecting their identities. Learn to Design Your Digital Self and access the guided channel of directions for use with students. Learn to create custom icons with classroom logos and avatars. Learn how to help students establish an online identify that is safe. We'll even take a look at Avatar Adventures, an interactive journey designed to give teachers and students some experience communicating online!

The webinar will be recorded so if you can't make it to the live session, please sign up so we can send you a copy. 

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Avatars & Internet Safety

Tuesday: April 14th
8:00 PM EST
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