A Free Day of Differentiated Learning on SK12

Instructional Shifts 
Simple K 12 will be hosting a free day of learning on Saturday October 4, 2014. I am excited to kickoff the days' events with a webinar and overview of my interactive model highlighting Flexible Learning Tools for Digital Differentiation. Please join us!

Digital Differentiation: 

Tools to Support Flexible Learning Paths for Personalized Learning
Saturday, October 4, 2014 @ 10:00 AM EDT

Technology is a tool that can be used to help teachers facilitate personalized learning experiences to address the diverse needs of all students. At the most basic level, digital tools can be used to help students find, understand, and use information. When combined with student-driven learning experiences that are fueled by essential questions and offer flexible learning paths, use of digital tools can break the learning barriers that exist in our classrooms. Join me and Simple K12 as we provide an overview of digital tools and resources to design personalized learning experiences that effectively incorporate digital differentiation

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