Create Images with Buncee

I love to create with images and multimedia so today I am excited to discover Bunce. Here is the official description of Buncee.

"Buncee gives teachers and students a whole new way of creating interactive lessons, project, and presentations, by incorporating digital media in a fun and easy way." 

My First Buncee

I created a Buncee to illustrate all the things you can do with Buncee. My brain is spinning with ideas for teaching and learning. At first glance, it is certainly a nice image creation tool.

Why I Love Buncee

There are many possibilities for creating and expressing learning here. This flexible, multi-media supported tool has a great collection of backgrounds and images to start with and it is a breeze to use.

My Wish List for Buncee

I am always looking for a way to precisely rotate objects and didn't run across one here yet. Embedding could be slicker. Buncee doesn't play well with Chrome.

Try Buncee 

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