Global Virtual Classroom to Extend Classroom Walls

How will you go beyond the walls of your classroom this year?

GVC LOGO with GSBI 2Global Virtual Classroom provides teachers and students across the globe with amazing opportunities and resources to collaborate, work together, and learn from each other. My longtime friend and mentor, Janet Barnstable, has been the program manager for Global Virtual Classroom for several years and I highly recommend working with Janet and the GVC team. You can participate in the Web Design Contest or the GVC Clubhouse if you are interested in extending the walls of your classroom this year.

The Web Design Contest

Three schools are teamed by GVC into a single team.  That team works together to create a website about a world issue that they have chosen collaboratively.This is a full year commitment which involves knowing how to create a website. Schools also need strong collaboration skills, as the 3 schools in each team are separated geographically, but need to work together as one.

More information can be found on the GVC wiki 
GVC also participates yearly in GlobalDreamers Peace and Holocaust Remembrance projects. There is also the opportunity for postal mail with schools in Kenya who do not have sufficient Internet access for online collaborations.

GVC Clubhouse

The Global Virtual Classroom Clubhouse invites you to join projects and learn about other students and places around the world. Join the  wiki and get started!
As an additional feature this year, we have added a Skype chat group called: GVCclubhouse.

Here are some of the ongoing projects:
  • Literature Corner - Original stories and poems as well as book reviews recommending books to other students.
  • International Recipes - Students and teachers from around the globe contribute recipes for favorite dishes.
  • Regions - Tell us about where you live; read about other parts of the world.
  • HandMade - What things are made by hand by people in your country?

Reach out and join us this school year!

Andrew Ezzell
Founder & President
Janet Barnstable
GVC Program Manager
Marsha Goren
GVC Clubhouse
Project Director
Ronda Zelzeny-Green
GVC International
Outreach Director

GlobalDreamers is a project created originally by Marsha Goren, Israel, who also runs the "Teaching for Life" Wiki with worksheets for teachers of English as a foreign language.
Global Virtual Classroom is sponsored by Give Something Back International, Florida, USA.