SAMR - Teaching Above the Line

Image created by
the amazing Janet Barnstable

For as long as I can remember I have been an advocate for helping teachers understand the stages of technology integration in order to effectively use tech as a tool for learning.

I've adopted a few different tech integration models over the years, discussed the ideas with administrators for use as a starting point for tech integration, and kept the ideas front of mind as I invent and discover new ways for using technology as a tool for learning.  

Discussing the stages of tech integration has led to some thought-provoking and inspiring conversations, but the ideas have not gained a lot of momentum in my face-to-face teaching environment until now. As many districts jump on board with iPad implementation, Apple's use of the SAMR model as a framework for tech integration presents a consistent, clear and powerful message that is spreading! 

In my teaching this summer I see the need to create examples to demonstrate how to design learning experiences that are at the redefinition stage. Teachers need to see examples to understand what to strive for as they progress through the stages. There needs to be something concrete to discuss as we walk lessons up the line.

So, since I have been playing around with the Wagon Wheel activity, I thought I would mention that this is an example of redefinition.


Take a sneak peek here or click the link to contribute to this work in progress and watch it grow!

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Very nice idea, haven' tried the app yet but looks very promising to me..