Vocabulary & Significant Text: I Have a Dream

Common Core Shift 6 suggests that it is important to dig deeper into Tier II vocabulary words. Tier II  words are those words that are found across many content areas and change meaning depending on context.

An effective way to dig deeper into vocabulary words
  • Identify significant text in digital format.
  • Wordle the text to find the most frequently used words.
  • Return to the Digital text and use the Find Tool to find occurrences of those words in the text.
  • Dig deeper through discussion, writing, research and drawing.

I Have a Dream, by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Here is an Exerp



Thank you for sharing this. I love the Thinglink you created.


Thank you for giving new ways of using vocabulary. It is often difficult to find creative ways to use vocabulary for 2nd grades.


Thank you for the information. It is often hard to find ways to make vocabulary more interesting for second graders.