Edublogs Free Tools Challenge

The Free Tools Challenge is a great online professional development opportunity for busy teachers provided by Edublogs. Designed to help participants learn to use free Web 2.0 tools, this 30 day challenge encourages us all to try one new tool each week through challenge activities created by by guest bloggers. I got the opportunity to be a guest blogger for the challenge and the activitiy  I created,  Free Tools Challenge #25: Using Jog the Web in the 24/7 Classroom, was published earlier this week.
Each of the Free Tools posts featured on the blog are complete with directions, suggestions for use in the classroom and opportunities for discussion. In my opinion the challenge is certainly worth taking.

If you are interested in learning innovative ways to use free Web 2.0 tools and also expanding your PLN at the same time, please check out the Edublogs Free Tools Challenge.  You can find links to all the previous challenges in the sidebar on the left of the blog.

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