Webinar Preview - Using Slides to Construct Knowledge

I am a big fan of using Google Docs Slides as a tool to construct knowledge. Built in functionality provides students with opportunities to engage in research, credit sources and work collaboratively to create and demonstrate learning.

Tomorrow I will be hosting a webinar on Simple K-12 During the webinar I will be sharing a few fun and creative ways to put this powerful multimedia capable tool to work in the classroom. Here is a sneak peak.

Create an Interactive Collage with 2 Tools

Use the built in tools in Google Slides to

  1. Find and collect images with the Research Tool.
  2. Annotate sources.
  3. Crop with a Mask to create shapes.
  4. Create a complete collage.
  5. Take a snapshot and Save as.jpg

Use ThingLink to add layers of content to an image

  1. Upload image to ThingLink _EDU
  2. Add rich media tags to present information
    1. Audio
    2. Video
    3. Images on images
    4. Google Docs

Get Resources from Webinar

Grab template and view more resources



I LOVE LOVE LOVE using Google slides as notecards with my students. It allows for so much flexibility to hold information. I love to color code and label them so my students know what topic that "card" is about. The best part is depending on the goal of the project the slides can easily be turned into photos and put into a iMovie or made into a presentation. Good luck on your webinar! What great ideas you are sharing!