Saturday, July 26, 2014

Transforming Teaching & Learning with ThingLink

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The experience of bringing together a group of teachers through a common learning goal this summer has been amazing. Now nearing the end of the ThingLink Teacher Challenge Week 7, participants are creating interactive images and self-publishing them all over the world wide web. 

Interactive images created for the TL Challenge are embedded in thoughtful blog posts written by participants. Shared images can be found in Google+ discussions. Short and concise descriptions are circulating through the Twitosphere. Teachers are definitely collaborating about ThingLink.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Tuesday Webinar: Using Google Slides to Construct Knowledge

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Would you like to design student-driven learning experiences that require students to construct knowledge as they create - an idea supported by the Common Core State Standards? 

This could be easier than you think. The Google Docs Presentation tool can be a great starting point to begin breaking the barriers of traditional tech integration and help you design student-driven learning experiences. 

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Tap Into Sound with ThingLink & Audioboo

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This weeks ThingLink Teacher Challenged asked participants to focus on audio as they design lessons. We introduced Audioboo as an integrated web based platform and app that easily captures and collects audio for use. The goal of this challenge is to use ThingLink to design a multimedia rich learning experiences to support the diverse needs of all learners.

ThingLink is a multimedia rich and flexible tool that can be used to design learning experiences built for success, putting power in the hands of the facilitator of a well designed lesson. Built-in supports are helpful to many learners for many reasons.

Why I Still Love Wikispaces

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I have been creating wikis with Wikispaces for quite some time. I use wikis for student collaborative projects and I use them during professional development. I use wikis as a place to collect, organize and share content that often originates on a blog post I've written. 

Many of the wiki's I created years ago have grown with me and continue to support my needs. The blank pages combined with the ability to embed just about anything into a wiki  provide me with the flexibility I need to explore new ways to use technology as a tool for learning and to keep track of it. 

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