Take the ThingLink 360 Breakout Challenge in March

We are pleased to invite educators to take the ThingLink 360 Breakout Challenge in March. This fun and free professional learning opportunity stems from an innovative idea by Dan Gallagher, a ThingLink Certified Educator with a lot of talent. Dan has combined the power of ThingLink's 360 image editor with Google Docs to create an interactive, media-rich version of the popular learning game Breakout EDU. This hot classroom activity is an educational adaptation of an escape room that requires students to use clues to try to break out of a room.

ThingLink adds a new dimension to a Breakout EDU type activity by using 360 images and rich media tags to create an interactive experience. Students can move around a room to discover clues on tags that are displayed via a variety of media. They unlock locks to break out of the room by submitting a supercharged Google Form that is embedded right on top of the image.  We are very excited about the potential of using this winning combination of tools to engage students in the development of problem-solving and critical thinking skills. and we hope many educators will join us in creating a collection of ThingLink 360 enhanced Breakout activities.

Create a Breakout EDU Using ThingLink 360/VR

Dan created this screencast to demonstrate how to create an interactive, digital version of Breakout EDU by combining the power of ThingLink 360/VR and Google Forms. Watch this quick video to learn from Dan Gallagher.

Join the ThingLink 360 Breakout Challenge

If you are interested in using ThingLink 360/VR to create a Breakout Challenge of your own, we invite you to Take our Teacher Challenge with Dan during the month of March. We're offering this free and fun PD to provide educators with an opportunity to learn with us, build your PLN, and test our 360 media editor.

Steps at a Glance

  1. Complete the form below to register.
  2. Join Dan's Group, #TL_Breakout.
    We will send you a Join Code for Dan's group, #TL_Breakout
    1. Everyone who joins Dan's group will inherit his ThingLink Premium features for the duration of the teacher challenge.
    2. Members of the group will also be able to post to channels to create interactive collections of Breakout activities.
  3. Stay tuned to the ThingLink Blog for Education to receive tips and tricks, based on frequently asked questions.
  4. Turn in your Breakout 360 activities through a form before March 30th.
  5. Participate in our webinar event to celebrate and share the collection of Breakout EDU lesson created!

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