Using ThingLink for Powerful Professional Development

My toolkit is filled with interactive graphics I've created and packed with resources. I use these to successfully jump start the learning of busy educators in places near and far. I frequently update and adapt the resources in my toolkit. They grow with me.

I will be sharing some of my favorite  ThingLink Powered PD resources during a webinar on Tuesday, September 23rd at 8:00 PM EDT. Dan Gallagher will be providing assistance as our webinar moderator so I can share what I've created clearly and efficiently for participants to enjoy. 

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Explore This  Channel of Professional Development Resources

  • Great Ways to Use Google Drive
  • Digital Differentiation - Flexible Learning Paths
  • SAMR Through a Variety of Lenses
  • + More

I hope you will join our next ThingLink Webinar to explore my Toolkit of ThingLink Powered PD Resources. Can't make the live broadcast? Sign up and receive the archived video. 

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