Transform Teaching & Learning with ThingLink & Google Apps - ICE 2015

Every year I look forward to facilitating hands on workshops at the Illinois Computing Educators Conference in February. I truly enjoy working with educators who are eager to create, learn and embrace ways to leverage the power of technology for teaching and learning. I am excited about my workshop this year because it will allow me help teachers learn to combine two of my favorite tools, ThingLink and Google Drive, to transform teaching and learning.

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Transform Teaching and Learning with ThingLink and Google Apps

Wednesday, February 25th - Wk 39

With an abundance of digital tools to choose from, it’s important to develop a flexible toolkit of resources to meet a variety of unique teaching and learning needs. Keep it simple with just two tools, amazing multimedia rich tools, ThingLink and Google Docs. Extend the learning beyond the classroom. ThingLink EDU is a digital learning platform that provides users with the ability to turn any image into a multimedia rich interactive learning tool. Start with an image, annotate it with audio, video, images and interactive Google Apps! Google Apps are powerful multimedia rich tools that can be used to accomplish just about any learning task with style. Organize student work and streamline communication. Help students construct knowledge with the built-in multimedia powered Research Tool. Explore inspiring examples, get your hands on some templates, and consider the endless possibilities to Transform Teaching and Learning with ThingLink and Google Apps

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