Celebrate Holiday Traditions with ThingLink

If you're looking for engaging ways to include some holiday fun into your teaching before winter break, you might want to choose ThingLink as a platform for sharing resources. ThingLink allows educators to pack a lot of multimedia content into a very small space, providing opportunities for teachers to present students with a treasure trove of differentiated resources to meet diverse learning styles.

Here is a closer look at a few excellent examples created by members of the ThingLink EDU community. You can easily embed any of the resources here into your own blog, wiki or website for use, or simply share the link with students for exploring and learning. If these images inspire you to create your own resources, we invite you to share in our December Holiday Channel. You will find more information at the bottom of this post.


by Donna Baumbach

This image features many ways to share a popular winter poem by Shel Silverstein. I used this activity recently with a group of young students with extremely diverse learning needs and it was a success for all. Students were given time to explore the poem and challenged to create a drawing to answer the question "Why did the snowball wet the bed?" They took a picture of their drawn answers with their iPads and popped it into the Book Creator App. They then recorded their answers to explain their drawings. Many thanks to Donna for creating this wonderful interactive image and for being such a highly valued member of the ThingLink EDU Community! Follow Donna on Twitter @AuntyTech.

Christmas Traditions Around the World

by Cathy Maher @camaher

Where Do Christmas Trees Grow? An Inquiry Project

by Meghan Zigmund @ZigZagsTech 

Winter Holiday Songs Around the World

by Amy Kincaid  @amyK_librarian

12 Days of Digital Christmas

by Jamie Forshey @edutech20

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