EdTech You Should Know

EdTech You Should Know is a new show in the Instructional Tech Talk network of podcasts, created and facilitated by innovative educator Jeff HerbThe show features one educational technology tool per episode that is worth knowing about. The episodes are less than 10 minutes and they are designed to offer educators a taste of the great EdTech that's out there. 

ThingLink on EdTech You Should Know

The first episode of EdTech You Should Know features Thinglink, a tool that Jeff uses himself. The interview with ThingLink Founder and CEO Ulla Engeström was recorded live at ISTE. We had a great time chatting with Jeff in the middle of the noisy exhibitor hall. 

We wish Jeff great success with the new show and look forward to future broadcasts. Click on the image below to jump to the EdTech You Should Know site and be sure to sign up to receive email alerts via email. Follow Jeff @InstTechTalk and follow his new Twitter feed featuring the new show @EdTechtoKnow