Edublogs 2012 Nominations

Nominations for 2012 Edublog Awards are open. 
The purpose of the Edublog Awards is to 
"promote and demonstrate the educational values of these social media." 

The nomination process supports the goal of the contest because it requires nominations via a blog post with a follow up link to that post submitted to Edublogs. What a great way to share, discover and credit the folks whose work inspires us and contributes to our own success!

My nominations for the 2012 Edublog Awards:

Individual Blog - The Innovative Educator
Group Blog - Mind Shift
EdTech Blog - Edudemic
Teacher Blog - Engage Their Minds
NewBlog - EduTech for Teachers
Library/Librarian Blog - The Daring Librarian
Administrator Blog - Life of an Educator
Twitter Hashtag - #edchat
Free Web Tool - ThingLink
Educational Wiki - Web Tools 4 You to Use
Social Network - Twitter

Learn more about the Edublogs awards.


Another exciting list! I've enjoyed looking through all the new blogs and adding some to my GoogleReader.


Thanks so much for your kind nomination! I'm terribly honored to be noticed by this fine blog! Cheers!
~Gwyneth Jones
The Daring Librarian
PS. LOVES your QR Code - Squee!


Thank you so much, Susan. I'm thrilled to be nominated--especially by you!