Explore the World - Google World Wonders Projects

If you can't visit the great wonders of the world in person, Google's new World Wonders Project can get you pretty close. The World Wonders Project is an interactive website that uses the same street view technology used in Google Maps to allow visitors to explore many of the wonders of the world. In order to allow virtual visitors to get off the beaten path, Google used tricycles with cameras to explore territory closer than cars can go. In addition to exploring the World  through the amazing street view technology, Google provides factual information, stunning images, 3-D models and YouTube videos right on the page.

The World Wonders Project is a valuable resource for the classroom. The virtual tours lend themselves to learning in ways in which an encyclopedia or textbook cannot compete. Comprehensive educational packets complete with curriculum connections and ideas for use in the classroom offer teachers an innovative way to teach social studies through engaging multimedia rich student centered learning experiences.

The  project launched at the end of May and currently features 132 ancient and cultural spots located across many areas of the globe. It appears as though the site will expand. One does have to wonder, where's Africa?

Browse by location or by theme and try Google World Wonders Project for yourself!


Google has many attractive features ...it provides factual information, stunning images, 3-D models and YouTube videos right on the page.