Wallwisher Senbazuru - A New and Improved Digital Wall

Wallwisher is a free and user friendly online tool that allows users to create a digital wall of multimedia sticky notes. In addition to text, the notes can include images, links and videos. Create a wall, then invite others to add stickies.

In early June Wallwisher released a new and improved version of the tools, known as Wallwisher Senbazuru - the best version of Wallwisher ever. This version is quicker, slicker and now has full iPad support. Here are some reasons I am very fond of using WallWisher to build digital word walls for teaching and learning:

  1. Build a collaborative wall without logging in.
  2. Add images, video and links to the wall.
  3. Create one place for resources, available 24/7.
  4. Give students a voice and a place to express themselves using a variety of multimedia.
  5. Embed a WallWisher wall into a wiki, blog or website.
  6. Enjoy Wallwisher Yubi for the iPad.
A Great Example for Building Vocabulary through Digital Word Walls, created by Mr. Ferrell and Mr. Burk

Here is an example of an embedded wall I created to provide students and teachers with tech support when creating a Google Presentation. I'm sharing this sample to illustrate how nicely Wallwisher displays embedded video. Feel free to double click on the wall to add your own comment, idea or resource. 

Interesting Ways to Use Wallwisher in the Classroom:
Tom Barrett has created a collaborative presentation to illustrate Interesting Ways to Use Wallwisher in the Classroom. Please view this slideshow to get some great ideas of ways teachers are using this cool tool and consider contributing your own idea to the slideshow.

Try Wallwisher for yourself at http://wallwisher.com


Want to thank you for your wonderful descriptions and useful tools.

What do you think about Lino-It?
I think it's a very nicely designed and intuitive tool. You used it yourself. What's the diff?


Hi. Thanks for reading my blog! Actually I do like Lino-It and am especially drawn to the colorful stickies. I have used it often for professional development. I've been using Wallwisher a bit more lately because I find it is less confusing for younger students because the notes are easier to place appropriately on the board. Both tools work well for me.