YouTube Tools: Maximize Instruction and Tame Videos

Video in the classroom is a dynamic resource for supporting the curriculum and engaging students. A wide range of video with educational value is available on YouTube, but sometimes those videos need to be tweeked to maximize instruction. Want to eliminate the extras, share only a snippet of a video, or string several videos clips together? Here are some free and user friendly tools to help educators make the most of YouTube videos in the classroom.

ViewPure: Eliminate the extras
Install and use the handy bookmarklet to quickly eliminate related videos, comments, or ads found on YouTube. Share a purified video through a link on your blog or website, or pop it into your digital learning platform to encourage online discussions.
View example: A Vision of K-12 Students Today

Splicd: Share a snippet of a video 
Enter a YouTube url, then set the start and end time for the part of the video you want to share.  Generate a code for embedding into any blog or website in a snap and cut straight to the point. Use snippets to kickoff a writing project or discussion.

CaptionTube: Guide the learning and maximize instruction
Add focus to YouTube videos by creating captions to share through a bookmark or link. Include captions for guided questions or to provide students with additional information.
Watch demo

Drag On Tape: Create a mix of your favorite video clips.
Splice portions of YouTube videos together with this online editor. Install the bookmarklet for added functionality. Use this tool to create a presentation for students, or let them create their own to illustrate a concept or make a point.
View example: Space Shuttle Launch Mix


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