Jog The Web

Jog The Web is a cool tool that allows users to assemble tidy packages of web content. For teachers it can be a tool for providing students with easy access to guided learning.

The websites within a Jog are live and can be explored right within the page frame, which solves problems related to students getting lost within multiple windows. Even better, Jog authors can annotate pages within the Jog and also create original pages with unique content.

This appears to be a very promising tool for education because it's user-friendly, engaging and interactive.

View Sample: A Jog for teachers, featuring several Web 2.0 tools
Using Glogster to Construct Knowledge


Thank you for your appreciation about jogtheweb. You will find a lot of advantage in using this tools because we build it in thinking about how help learners to learn, how increase the teacher's support to learners
You can find advice about that on jogtheweb's blog. I write these articles during my research for my doctoral studies