ETT San Diego Summit 2016

I had a fabulous time presenting at the EdTechTeacher Innovation Summit in sunny San Diego yesterday. 

It was inspiring to be around passionate educators with exciting ideas. It was refreshing to be surrounded by crisp air, bays and palm trees.

The innovation summit combined an iPad Summit with a Google Summit. This made the conference highly appealing to me since Google Apps is most highly used tools in my toolkit.

Of course, my favorite way to use a Google Doc is to embed it into a ThingLink. Combining these tools allows educators to design powerful student driven learning experiences that include assessment and differentiation. Use of interactive images can help promote visual literacy and encourage writing skills that require students to write clear and concise summaries of information. Best of all, to create a ThingLink, users construct knowledge as they create. Anyone who has ever created a ThingLink will tell you they certainly learned a lot by creating one. Simply, creating a ThingLink makes you smarter!

Explore the Powerful Possibilities of ThingLink + Google Apps

Explore this interactive slideshow channel to access the resources shared at the EdTechTeacher Innovation Summit. Tap the icons and use the arrows to navigate and explore the powerful possibilities of combining ThingLink with Google Apps!


Hello Susan,
It was great to be at your session, I came back re-energized and full of new ideas. I am still trying to embed a thinglink into my website and I would love if you could help me. I have tried a few things unsuccessfully.
Thanks again,
Claudja Van Orden


Hello Claudja. It was great to meet you at the EdTechTeacher conference. To embed a ThingLink on a Google Site you need to check the box that says "iframe embed", then copy the code.into your site when you are in the HTML editing mode in Google Sites Here are step-by-step direction on the ThingLink Help section. Best of luck! -Susan


It worked!!! Thank you so much. I had not been selecting the iframe box. I am going to upload the thinglinks and then share with you.


So glad this works for you Claudja! Yes, please share, I can't wait to see them! - Susan