Join Kathy Schrock in Creating a Collection of 360 Images for Schools

Kathy Schrock is excited about creating ThingLink Interactive 360/VR images for teaching and learning, and we're excited that she's bringing her knowledge, skills and expertise to our journey. To help educators embrace 360/VR in the classroom Kathy has started a Flickr group to create a collection of Creative Commons licensed 360 photos for teachers and students to download and use in the classroom! This is all made possible through Kathy’s Flickr Group, 360 Images for Schools.

Anyone with a Flickr account can access the collection of 360 images, but educators must join the group to upload their own images. To join the group you must be accepted as a member and agree to the rules Kathy has set up.
To contribute a 360 spherical panoramic image to the group for educational use, you must request membership. Once you are approved, you can upload spherical panoramic images to your own Flickr account and add them to the group, if you change the licensing to Creative Commons Attribution - NonCommercial - NoDerivs license ( BY-NC-ND) and allow downloading. 
In addition to sharing images among members of the group, Kathy has started some great discussions to help educators interested in taking the VR journey. If you're looking to engage in conversations about cameras, apps or just about anything related to creating reusable 360/VR images you will definitely find the discussions within the Flickr group to be of high interest. Check out 360 Images for Schools on Flickr and be part of this growing effort to create a collection of panoramic images for schools!

Join Our 360/VR Interactive Image Slam

We are pleased that Kathy Schrock has agreed to help us kick off our summer series of ThingLink Interactive 360/VR Image Slams, live on June 2nd at 8pm EST. These informal webinars are designed to celebrate and feature the 360/VR interactive lessons created by amazing educators participating in our professional development, the ThingLink Summer VR Challenge. 
We will kickoff the series with Kathy's spotlight session. Joining Kathy will be a lineup of amazing ThingLink Expert Educators whose work is sure to inspire! Join Kathy Schock, Jodie Johnston, Dan Gallagher, Laura Moore and Christi Collins for a look at great ways to use ThingLink 360/VR in the classroom!

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Join Us for the ThingLink Summer VR Challenge

The ThingLink Summer VR Challenge for coaches, teachers and students will provide opportunities for participants at all levels to work together to explore and create interactive 360/VR activities for teaching and learning. This challenge is free, self-paced and designed to help teachers successfully embrace the powerful possibilities of the 360/VR Editor. We invite educators from across the globe to participate and gain early access to our 360/VR Tag Editing tool. Sign up to receive updates as we approach the kickoff at ISTE 2016 on June 26th.

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