Creating My Personal ePortfolio of Learning

As I prepare for the EdTech Teacher iPad Summit in Boston next week I've found an incredible opportunity to practice what I will be teaching. I've started a ThingLink ePortfolio to document my own learning throughout the conference. I plan to capture the learning through images, photos and tags to prepare to use and share it.

This sounds like a lot of fun and I suspect my own session will include some very practical tips and tricks learned along the way since I will be attending 9 sessions and participating in the Creation Station all before my session on Wednesday.

Power the ePortfolio Process with ThingLink EDU

Explore this iteractive image and watch it grow! 


What an awesome idea, I look forward to following your learning at the conference, especially since I am not there learning too!!

Question, how are you putting that together as a kinda slide show and still work in it?


Hi Cyndi. I created a few different interactive images that will be a fun way for me to capture the learning, then I added them to a ThingLink Channel. You can see the slideshow growing now and it will continue to grow until I return from the conference I suspect. I will add tags with content and resources. Hopefully I will be able to capture a lot for you, since you can't attend. Thanks!


Susan, I'm jealous, enjoy Boston and the iPad Summit!


Wish you were here Dan!