Share Your SuperBowl Story Through Digital Storytelling

Great news! ThingLink has recently launched the SuperBowl Creative Challenge, inviting all users over the age of 18 to share your SuperBowl story through an interactive image. 

All entries will be entered in a random drawing to win a $200 Amazon Gift Card.

A Great Opportunity 

As the ThingLink EDU Community Manager I spend a lot of time working with teachers to help them start using ThingLink for teaching and learning. The single most consistent piece of advice I give to new users is to start with something simple. I encourage new users to create an interactive image about something you know about to experience the ease of use of the tool itself without worrying about creating new content. I realize that once you create that first image, you will soon discover that anything is possible with ThingLink. 

This Creative Challenge is also a great opportunity for experienced users to create some great examples of ways to use ThingLink for digital storytelling. Let your imaginations run wild as you demonstrate ways to use video, audio, text and app smashing to tell your SuperBowl digital story. 

For those of you who teach others to use ThingLink, please share this opportunity as a starting point with the added bonus of an incentive!

Explore This Example

Get Started

If you are new user and feel you could benefit from some support, please take 5 minutes to watch this quick video. 

Take the ThingLink SuperBowl Creative Challenge

Learn more about the SuperBowl Creative Challenge and view examples already submitted by clicking on this interactive image.

Click here to participate!

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